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Coding Software/Apps for Makeblock Products!

Makeblock provides free coding software and remote control App, which allows anyone to enjoy playing and learning to code.

coding software

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mBlock 5

All-in-one free coding software

mBlock is a free and open-source software supporting block-based coding and Python programming.

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Makeblock App

All-in-one remote controller for robots

Using the Makeblock App to remote control robots for more playtime.

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download on the app store

Requires iOS
9.0 or above

download on the google play

Requires Android
5.0 or above

mblock blockly

mBlock Blockly App

A game-based learning app

mBlock Blockly game-based App can get users started with basic programming knowledge by playing games.

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download on the app store

Requires iOS 
9.0 or above

download on the google play

Requires Android
4.3 or above

Share Coding Ideas in our Global Community

Explore global coding projects and get to meet coders from around the world

programmable robotics kit

@A Coder

3D print the frame, screw the servos, clip the halocode, and prototyping board, and... have fun!

stem projects

@Best Maker

The environment is getting worse, and Codey Rocky can make some difference!

diy robot kit

@Paul Hering

Mega is here! The coolest evil — Tada!

building a robot

@John Eggleston

I had a raspberry pi hat on it and was able to integrate it into their controller boards it was so awesome!

building a robot from scratch

@Revelstoke Idea Factory

What a great bunch of kiddos! And they love mBot Ultimate!

coding project

@Sookie Guo

Merry-go-round! The brightness of HaloCode increases with the shaking strength.