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Coding Software/Apps for Makeblock Products!

Makeblock provides free coding software and remote control App, which allows anyone to enjoy playing and learning to code.

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mBlock 5

All-in-one free coding software

mBlock is a free and open-source software supporting block-based coding and Python programming.

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Makeblock App

All-in-one remote controller for robots

Using the Makeblock App to remote control robots for more playtime.

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Requires iOS
9.0 or above

Requires Android
5.0 or above

mBlock Blockly App

A game-based learning app

mBlock Blockly game-based App can get users started with basic programming knowledge by playing games.

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Requires iOS 
9.0 or above

Requires Android
4.3 or above

Share Coding Ideas in our Global Community

Explore global coding projects and get to meet coders from around the world

@A Coder

3D print the frame, screw the servos, clip the halocode, and prototyping board, and... have fun!

@Best Maker

The environment is getting worse, and Codey Rocky can make some difference!

@Paul Hering

Mega is here! The coolest evil — Tada!

@John Eggleston

I had a raspberry pi hat on it and was able to integrate it into their controller boards it was so awesome!

@Revelstoke Idea Factory

What a great bunch of kiddos! And they love mBot Ultimate!

@Sookie Guo

Merry-go-round! The brightness of HaloCode increases with the shaking strength.