A FREE graphical programming learning software based on Scratch 2.0, it not only can easily create funny stories, games and animations, but also interact with Makeblock Robots and other Arduino based hardware.


  • Ultimate 2.0Ultimate 2.0
  • mBot RangermBot Ranger
  • mBotmBot
  • StarterStarter
  • mblockall.png

    1. Support Makeblock Robots and other Arduino based hardware.

    2. Allow customize extensions to support favourite Arduino sensors and robotic products.


mBlock App

A game-based programming learning software for STEAM education. It provides an easier way for kids to start graphical programming through games, as well as allows kids to customize their mBot robots.


  • mBotmBot
  • mBot RangermBot Ranger
  • 1. Support story mode and creation mode

    2. Graphical programming learning though game


Makeblock App

More than a robotic controller, Makeblock is a powerful tool for users to realize their creative ideas rapidly.


  • mBotmBot
  • RangerRanger
  • Ultiamte 2.0Ultiamte 2.0
  • AirblockAirblock
  • 1. Support all Makeblock products;

  • 2. Customize your own operation platform;


Neuron App

Neuron App is the companion app of Makeblock Neuron® electronic modules. You can invent with electronic modules by drawing lines without learning complex programming languages. You need to connect to your Makeblock Neuron® electronic modules with Bluetooth or Wifi in order to make with electronics in Neuron App.


  • Makeblock Neuron® electronic modulesMakeblock Neuron® electronic modules
  • Coding_EN - 副本.png


    1. Support coding for more than 30 Neuron® electronic modules

    2. Support video guides   


This is a new software for LaserBot, our DIY laser cutter. It includes both simple mode and expert mode for different levels of users.


  • LaserBotLaserBot
  • 1. Support to import SVG, DXF, BMP, JPG and PNG pictures;

    2. Support Print Speed, Laser Power, Engraving time and Pixel interval setting.



mDraw is the software specially designed for mDrawBot. you can import images that you wish your robot to draw.


  • XY PlotterXY Plotter
  • 1. Support customizable parameter including limit switch location, stepper motor direction, drawing range 

    2. Support zooming svg-format pictures by rolling mouse wheeled 


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